Dr. Arun Rajpara

MDS: (Conservative Dentistry)

Dr.Arun Rajpara is the founder of Soham Dental Clinic, bringing a wealth of experience to the practice, receiving his BDS degree from Govt. Dental College & Hospital, Ahmedabad in 1982 and in the year 1984 he received his MDS ( Master of Dental Surgery ) in Conservative Dentistry & Endodontics.  Directly out of the dental school, he started his private practice in Gujarat at Valsad  and expanding his practice to Vapi which is a top  Industrial and business leader city in India.

He is emphasizing his work esthetic Restorative and Cosmetic Dentistry. He is also a dentist of record for several top leading people all over the country.

Dr.Arun Rajpara is an active member of
IDA ( Indian Dental Association),
IACDE (Indian Association of Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics)  and
ISOI ( Indian Society of Oral Implantology).
Dr. Arun Rajpara is also an active member of AACD
( American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry ).

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Smile Services For Every Grin

Gum Treatment

Gum worries? We offer solutions! From deep cleaning (scaling & root planning) to tissue repair (flap surgery) and smile shaping (contouring), we have options for diverse gum concerns. Invest in your oral health and smile with personalized treatment plans. Contact us to learn more!

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Root Canal Therapy

Tooth throbbing? Root canal therapy can rescue it! This treatment removes damaged pulp, saving your tooth and ending the pain. Plus, a post and core strengthens it for a lasting crown, so you smile bright and bite strong. Say goodbye to aches Let’s chat to see if it’s right for you.

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Mouth Guard

Teeth grinding or clenching got you down? We’ve got your back (and front!). Mouthguards for day and night protect your smile from damage, while night guards keep you sleeping soundly and pain-free. Find your perfect fit, bite the worries, and smile bright! 

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Sleep Apnea

Struggle with snoring, daytime fatigue, or interrupted sleep? Sleep apnea disrupts your rest and steals your energy. Don’t despair! We offer a range of solutions, from CPAP therapy to oral appliances and lifestyle changes, to help you breathe soundly and reclaim your healthy sleep.

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Oral Surgery

Chipped tooth or pesky wisdom teeth? Dreaming of a confident smile with implants? We’ve got you covered! Our expert oral surgeons offer personalized solutions for diverse concerns. Pain-free bite, dazzling smile, restful sleep – it’s all possible. Invest in your smile transformation. 

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Pediatric Dentistry

Tiny teeth, big smiles! Worried about your little one’s oral health? Our pediatric dentists are playful experts who make dental care fun and gentle. From checkups to fillings, we care for growing smiles with kindness and expertise. Schedule a visit for a happy, healthy smile that lasts a lifetime!

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Cosmetic Dentistry

Tired of hiding your smile in selfies? Let's get you camera-ready.

Soham Dental Clinic offers a personalized approach to cosmetic dentistry, aiming to make your dream smile a reality. Their skilled dentists leverage advanced technology to address various concerns, including discoloration, misalignment, missing teeth, and gummy smiles.

Beyond aesthetics, cosmetic procedures can boost confidence, improve oral health, and enhance functionality. Soham Dental prioritizes your comfort and provides transparent pricing options. Schedule a consultation to explore personalized treatment plans and unlock your radiant smile!

Transparent and affordable pricing 90%
Increased Functionality 80%
enchanced Confidence 99.99%

Direct Bonding

Composite /Porcelain Inlays & Onlays

Crowns and Bridges

Smile Design

Your Smile. Redesigned

A Smile transformation that reflects your unique charisma. Our team of skilled smile design professionals combines advanced techniques and meticulous artistry to create smiles that are both aesthetically pleasing and functionally optimal.

Composite or Porcelain Veneers

Botox & Dermal fillers

Teeth whitening.

Dental Implants

A big leap in Restorative Dentistry

Dental implants are one of the revolutionary treatment in the field of restorative dentistry.

Missing teeth can be embarrassing, causing people to hide their smile and lose their self-esteem. The space that missing teeth create can easily become infected with bacteria, causing other teeth to shift out of place, and making it difficult for people to speak or eat correctly.

Dental implant is an undeformable artificial root anchored in the bone, which replaces a natural root absent or lost during the loss or extraction of a tooth, and on which is placed a dental crown to become part of the mouth and serve the same purposes of the original teeth ! Implants can maintain facial contour & prevents bone loss and deterioration that occurs when there is a missing tooth and are not replaced.

Dental implants are known for their comfort, functionality, aesthetic, and permanent results.

Cerec-One Day Dentistry ➚

Soham Dental

  • Single visit procedure.
  • No unpleasant or messy impressions.
  • No temporaries.
  • Metal free- Natural looking restoration virtually undetectable

CEREC – A CAD/CAM system (Computer aided design/Computer aided manufacture) one of the most advanced dental technology is now available here at SOHAM DENTAL. CEREC has a system which has a digital scanner and camera fitted to the unit. CEREC technology has been in use since late 1980s and has been updated continuously since then.

Technology Advancemenet ➚


  • Enhanced Patient Comfort & Efficiency:
  • Improved Accuracy & Diagnosis.
  • Reduced Radiation Exposure
  • Increased Treatment Options & Customization.

We utilize digital X-rays as one of our most useful diagnostic tools. One of the benefits of digital X-rays is the low level of radiation that is used & a quick method to shoot immediate X-rays right during the procedure

Happy Patients ➚


Smile Design


• Untreated Erosion of Teeth

Transformed to a happy smile with Erosion teeth Procedure!


• Dentures

Replace missing teeth with removable appliances


• Crowns

Caps placed over damaged / weakened teeth.


• Veneers

Thin shells bonded to the surface of teeth to improve appearance

What Dr. Arun Rajpara Says

New Dental Technologies:

Remember the dentist’s office from the dark ages (otherwise known as your childhood)? Harsh lights, uncomfortable metal tools, and the distinct scent of…well, let’s just say it wasn’t minty fresh. Thankfully, the world of dentistry has come a long way, and these days, it’s more like a spa for your smile

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The Battle in Your Mouth:

When we consume sugary or starchy foods, bacteria in our mouth feast on these particles, producing acid as a byproduct. This acid can erode tooth enamel, the hard outer layer that protects your teeth, leaving them vulnerable to decay and cavities and damage your fine set of teeth.

Managing Dental Anxiety:

It’s important to remember that you have the right to a positive dental experience. Don’t be afraid to advocate for yourself and communicate your needs to your dentist. Take breaks when you need them, ask questions, and don’t hesitate to express any discomfort you might feel.

A Few Words From Our Patients

Kalpesh Patel
Kalpesh Patel
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Very Good experience
Twinkal Zeva
Twinkal Zeva
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Treatment is so good n safely carefully treatment
Khan Sanjeeda Zuber
Khan Sanjeeda Zuber
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Thankyou Dr.Arun Rajpara for painless extraction.
Puja Pradhan
Puja Pradhan
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Dr.Arun Rajpara I am satisfied with my ROOT CANAL Rx. Thank you

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